Montezuma, Georgia Tent Meetings

TENT MEETINGS with the Miller Family

Brokenness    Repentance    Deliverance    Restoration    Battles    Jubilation    Praising    Singing    Baptism    Praying


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps. 119:105


Since the death of my son-in-law, I have really struggled at times with questioning God and not trusting Him fully. God really spoke to me in that area and helped me to see there was a lack of simple surrender and saying Lord not my will but Thine be done. To the glory of God I now have a real sense of peace and freedom in that area. ~Milton


Praise and glory to God! Jesus did what I couldn’t do on my own. When I surrendered completely to Jesus and followed through with baptism, God completely delivered me! I was a wretch, not sleeping more than maybe 2 hrs a night (for over 1 1/2 years) not being able to eat,  experiencing depression and anxiety. I tried marijuana sleeping pills, and finally for five months straight, alcohol and cigarettes for relief. Nothing helped me and I just becoming sicker! The night I went to the altar and surrendered everything to Jesus, God immediately set me free. The next morning I was baptized and since then I have slept up to 8 hrs at a time, I can eat and have no desire for alcohol or marijuana. Jesus is the answer! Praise God for His beautiful Son Jesus! He does answer prayers and I thank my church family for their prayers and fellowship!


It was amazing to see how the Holy Spirit moved in men’s hearts to bring shameful deeds to the cross. The power of the gospel proclaimed through Dave and his family caused us to behold our Holy God and those things that were done in the darkness, were repented of in the light. A sister now, gave testimony of God’s powerful deliverance in her life from the entanglement of drugs and alcohol. The new births, the restoring of family relationships, and the putting away of the filth of the flesh, truly has been a work of the Holy Spirit! ~Daniel


I was so blessed to see the faithfulness of God’s presence in our week and 1/2 of tent meetings. We experienced The Spirit drawing people to a deeper walk with the Lord, from a young child asking “Jesus into his heart” to a lady dealing with demonic activities in her life. My own personal testimony, God stirred deep in my own heart, drawing me closer to Him. It was a time of soul searching and growth! ~Donny


Last night God spoke to me like never before! Dave preached on the work of the Holy Spirit. My dear sweet wife went up to the altar to pray. The spirit just hit me and said you go along up with her! As we were praying God started calling me to reestablish a living family altar and to step up to the plate and be a worthy leader! I (also) sensed God telling me to give up the plans I had to form a partnership with my brother and buy a business together! “Lord that’s one of my life long dreams!” He said I want your focus and energy for My business! I struggled and wept… finally gave in and said YES LORD! As we drove out of the parking lot that night I started telling my wife what I had felt. We wept and prayed together asking God to give us strength and discernment. The way ahead is unknown but I know Gods grace is sufficient and He will help us to fulfill the work He has in store for us! ~Pete


The Dave Miller family was in our community for a 10 day tent revival meeting. The first couple days I would leave as soon as it was over with cause I didn’t want to be around people much. Sunday evening the message was on the Holy Spirit, and it really convicted me. I knew that I wasn’t living all out for God. Sunday night after church I spent over 2 hours on my knees praying and giving everything to God. But there was this darkness that just wouldn’t leave.
(It was dark enough I didn’t want to turn my light off to go to sleep) I finally just got to where I didn’t know what to do anymore, and I was physically exhausted. I was at peace, but the darkness wouldn’t leave. So I started some praise and worship music and went to sleep. Monday morning, when I got up to go to work, there was this evil laughing in my head. As I was getting ready for work, I noticed that my eyes were black. (Couldn’t figure out why as my eyes are usually blue).The entire day at work, I had that laugh in my head. My poor co-workers couldn’t figure me out. I was miserable, and they were to. I shut them all out. As we were leaving to go home, one of the girls stopped me and was wondering what was going on with me. So I told her and she prayed with me. The laughing stopped, but then it got serious. On the way home, (I have about a 30 min ride home) I met an oncoming vehicle, and something told me to just run into the vehicle. (Basically kill myself) (I have dealt with this sort of thing before and recognized what was going on)
After that anytime I would meet a vehicle I would just look the other way. I got home from work and did what I needed to do. Monday evening I went to church. After I was sitting down I looked up at the screen and the verse was from Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. At that point I realized that, because of everything going on all day, with the laughing in my head, and everything else I had to do, I hadn’t really ate anything all day long. With everything going on, I started to shake. I knew I was going to have to go get something to eat. So I went out and went in search of food. Something was telling me to leave, but I wasn’t going to do that. So I went and asked Ruth Ann for something to eat
from the bus. She, of course was more then happy to get me something. So I went back in and sat through the message.
After the service was over, I went to leave like usual. But for some reason I couldn’t leave. I sat in the vehicle for over a half hour trying to leave. I finally gave up and went and found one of my closest friends. I started telling her what was going on, and she right away went and got one of the youth counselors.By the time they came back out I was getting stiff and knew something was way off. When she came out, I started telling her what was going on. I said “it feels like a demon”, and just like that, IT WAS GONE. My stiffness went away. They prayed over me for protection from him coming back. But the peace that came was just totally awesome. There is just amazing peace in completing submitting to whatever God wants. (In my case bitterness towards a lot of people, one of my biggest fears :being single, and all my addictions to mask the pain) I feel like a new person. I told someone that I feel like I am just bubbling over. All glory to God. After that evening, I didn’t want to leave church, and most certainly didn’t want the meetings to end. I am a new creature old things are passed away. I have been born again. I just want to say if there is hope for me, there is hope for anyone. I have had some form of addiction since I was 14. I know that anyone can be changed. Find someone in the Lord that you can talk to and share with, to be your accountability partner or just to pray over and for you. Whatever it takes to get peace with God. DO IT. It may be painful, but in the end it will be worth it all.  Glory to God he is still working! ~Sharon

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