Ministry of Compassion

Compassion Ministry

An Amazing Platform To Share The Gospel 

Jesus saw the multitude of people (Matt. 9:36) and was moved with compassion. They needed help, hope and direction. The Good Samaritan saw a need (Luke 10), had compassion, and got personally involved. Compassion serves the needs of others. The Good Samaritan gave financial provision to the Inn Keeper to care for the wounded man. The Inn Keeper then became involved in ministering to the wounded man. Compassion ministry is not a spectator sport but it gets people involved and plants vision.


Why in this parable didn’t Jesus choose to have the wounded, half-dead man immediately healed? Why didn’t He have manna fall from Heaven so that the multitude of 5,000 plus people could feed themselves in Matthew 14? Instead, He miraculously multiplied the loaves and fishes and asked the disciples to go to the people and feed them. Thousands of hands reached out for food! The blessing of meeting the needs of others developed vision, servant hood, and compassion in the hearts of the disciples. Imagine the rippling effects of hands-on compassion ministry through organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, Christian Aid, and World Vision, just to name a few.


Jesus broke the loaves and fishes before He broke the Bread of Life. I have been amazed over the years how compassion ministry has served as a platform to share the Gospel message. We are asked “Why would you assist us for surgeries, give us medicine, clothing, blankets, Bibles…?” Then we tell them about Jesus Christ, and that compassionate donors from America make it all possible. I John 3:17 says that we are to “open our bowels of compassion and love not only in word but in deed and in truth.” Our heart needs to become soft and broken so that our life can become spiritual nourishment, poured out to meet the heart cry of humanity. Jesus did not say “I was hungry and you caused manna to come down from Heaven.” He said “I was hungry and you gave Me food and drink…you took me in, clothed me, visited me…” (Matt 25:35-36).  Honoring the Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12) in these practical ways means we become the miracle whether we represent the Good Samaritan or the Inn Keeper. Some give the seed so that others can meet the needand all of us have the honor of being workers together with God.

~ Nelson Coblentz