Bibles for Nigeria

Because of your generous financial gifts, we were able to send funds to Chaplain Nsibiet Nelson in Nigeria. These funds helped to buy 185 Bibles that were distributed to inmates, prison staff, and 3 saved ex-inmates at the Gboko Prison, during a 2-day evangelistic crusade that was held there. Altogether, 166 inmates gave their life to Christ through this crusade.

Also, the following items were presented to the inmates: 60 mattresses and blankets, 5 cartons of soap, 6 rolls of tissue paper.

“It was a great time of harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom. Without you, your prayers and finances, this mission to the inmates at Gboko Prison wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you so much. Three saved ex-inmates attended the crusade and opportunity was given to two of them to share the story on their incarcerated experiences and how they are doing in their daily journey with the Lord after their imprisonment.”   -Chaplain Nsibiet