We are back home from one of…


We are back home from one of the most successful prison ministry trips that I have participated in. There was so much to do in 4 days and so little time. We laugh, we cry, we pray for the victims and their families… but we also pray for the prisoners to get right with God so they will become good Christians and good citizens at the same time. We are not there to try to get them out of prison. We are there to try to keep them from going back. I was happy to see Sharon (wife) when I came home, waiting for me with a home cooked meal. I was happy for a warm home, a soft bed, clean clothes, a shower, and the freedom to decide when I want to call it a day. Today I can live with myself knowing that I tried to carry the Cross of Jesus to those in prison. May it not be said of me “I was in prison and you never came to see me.”

~Harold Shively (volunteer)