Pennsylvania Tent Meeting Testimonies


The 2016 Community Revival Meetings were truly that: community and revival meetings. I was blessed to see persons attending the tent meetings representing nearly every denomination from the descendants of the Anabaptists, and many others beside. They came in anything from buggies to busses, and from bikes to motorcycles. From the various singing groups, to the ushers, counselors, and volunteers there was a wonderful working together. Night after night God used Brother Dave and Brother Nelson to preach the word. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit hundreds of saints and sinners alike repented of sin and surrendered to Jesus. There were a number of times when individuals responded in faith to the altar-call and also received physical healing, to God be the Glory!  I believe these meetings were a significant step in the revival God is raising up. The tent has come down but we are pressing on in prayer for our land and our people!  ~Merle Weaver


The tent revivals for me were the fruition of a desire I have had… In the last days I believe it is important for the body of Christ to look beyond denominations, to work together, and see Christ in each other so that we may experience the manifest presence of God and be strengthened! I saw that very thing happen at the tent revivals where a diverse group of people from many different churches and denominations pressed into the heart of God for their every need. Praise the Lord!!    ~Leroy Miller, Senior Pastor: Bethesda Christian Fellowship


My most significant breakthrough came at the noon prayer meeting. I shared what God was revealing to me about self-hatred and self-rejection, how it was manifesting itself in severe physical pain. The combination of grace and truth that was present in that little gathering was irresistible, and I saw with crystal clarity how I had been agreeing with the enemy and his lies about who I am for my most of my life. I could hardly wait to repent and get into agreement with God! I wept my way through a prayer and arose a changed person… Glory to God! I was not immediately delivered from the physical pain, but I truly believe as I continue to surrender and acknowledge that I am HIS workmanship, I will experience more complete physical healing. No more desperate striving to change myself. God is doing “a new thing” in me, and I am loving it!        ~Ruth


I was desperate for a closer walk with God. I responded one night and I prayed during the altar call but I didn’t “feel” or experience what I was desperate for. I remember making a commitment to God and saying I will seek You until I find You. After we had the children in bed that night I went to my office where I started to pray once again. It seemed like a really long time yet I still didn’t sense His presence like I hoped for. I cried out to God and said I will not stop praying until You reveal Yourself to me in a very real way! After some more time He answered my cry that night and I sensed the presence of God in a way I had never experienced before!! Thru that, the Holy Spirit has brought victory in some more areas in my life and has given me a burden for my wife and children like I’ve never had before. God convicted and delivered my wife from the fear of failure, fear of man, and fear of rejection. God has tremendously blessed our marriage through this experience. The meetings have been over now for 2 weeks and the fire is still burning! If we want a closer relationship with God we MUST press in! We must be willing to pay the price of late night or early morning if that’s what it takes to meet Him. God is faithful!               ~Merv and Anna Mae


It was such a true blessing from God to sit under Holy Spirit led, anointed preaching night after night! We so appreciate how you preached to yourselves, as well as to us. You guys aren’t afraid to be truly honest about your struggles! The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,  And give you peace.       ~ The Martin’s


Lately with caring for my elderly parents plus all the daily do’s of normal family life it seemed my prayer time was “on the run.” Many times I fell exhausted into bed with a prayer on my lips. After hearing the message, “Behind the Veil” I came to realize I was on the porch. After tears, confession, and cleansing from above I am now taking more time for prayer, connecting with the Holy Spirit. My duties have taken on a whole new light. Thank you Jesus! Thank you to all of you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in Lancaster, PA.    ~Mrs. Stoltzfus


It was an incredible blessing to be a part of these meetings… to see the hand of God move night after night with fresh anointing from his Word. Our awesome Father remains patient and continues to transform and sanctify us even years after we are born again. It is so encouraging witnessing a remnant of people who will continue to stand on God’s Word even as many in the world fall away. Thank you Jesus!         ~D. Glick


It was great seeing people come to the carpet. I call it the river… where people worshiped… children worshiped God in holiness. There were tears and open arms to receive from the Holy Spirit. These were two short weeks; let’s do it again.   ~D. King


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