January 2017 Mission Trip to Uganda


Uganda Mission Testimonies

January 10-24, 2017

Seminars, Medical Clinic, Compassion House Dedication, Prison Services, Refugee Camp


God brought Sarah and I, along with Lester Miller and six young people together for two weeks of ministry. We initially met with 120 native church leaders for three days of intense seminar teaching. There was such a sincere hunger for the word of God (and more Bibles), along with laughter and brokenness. The village crusade to the Congolese Pygmies that followed was heartbreaking. They are a people group that literally lives in the woods under the trees. We conducted prison services in several towns, with many coming to Christ… PTL!  My heart became heavy one Sunday morning as a fragile frizzy haired young girl took hold of my fingers and begin to dance. Tears filled my eyes as God reminded me, “A little child shall lead them!” I wish I could properly describe the great joy of moving 11 physically challenged children into the new Compassion House. We had a special dedication service. I sincerely say THANK YOU to all who have made this a reality. The young people from Canada and the USA were such a blessing to the people in Uganda and to Sarah and I personally. Lester’s passion for Christ and people touched all of our hearts! So many doors of ministry training for leaders are now open. Thank you for giving, praying, and standing with us on this journey!           ~Nelson Coblentz

Experiencing Africa has been wonderful. Children here are in need of Jesus’ love. They love any attention they can get & just crowd around you. I am so blessed through what Jesus has shown me here in Uganda.  ~Lisa Thiessen, Volunteer

Thanks to God that this mission has come to an end. I am reporting on the medical clinic that we had on the 20th. It was a timely visitation from God. The village was known as Kisozi in the Wakiso district just 26 miles from the city center. It is in one of the poorest communities, where you can find children of 20 years of age who have never ever gone to school! One family of a local pastor has 8 children that have never seen the inside of a classroom!  This is a blatant problem and indeed perpetual one. The church itself had no toilet. I was so touched with Betty, my wife, as we rallied our church members from Remnants Church to do something about this toiletless condition. The area is in such a poor state, that we would not want to see them miss the clinic. There were teams coming from US and Canada, the medical team, and the team from Kampala churches and the community coming for the medical clinic would not have a toilet to use. Through this medical clinic coming in the area, a toilet was constructed in one week and several visits were made that same week by Betty, my wife, myself and 4 other people from our church to oversee this work that would lead this village to a very powerful medical clinic! When we started, Nelson shared the gospel and these deeply hungry people were as ready to receive Jesus as you cannot imagine! About 70 people received Jesus when the altar call was made, and as the day progressed many others kept accepting Jesus outside the Clinic and in the Prayer Room. The medical outreach has proven to be such a critical tool of evangelism and indeed souls coming to Jesus and it should be continued. People can shun a crusade but no one can shun free treatment because they need it. It provides a good opportunity to introduce countless people to Christ. The local Church in this area is in such a poor state that it needs immediate reconstruction. A school is needed in this area to cater for such a high illiteracy level. Thanks to the team that came from US and Canada, the local team from Uganda, and our medical team for the hard work that was so satisfying in its execution! A special thanks to the girls who played with the kids and gave clothes to them under the guidance of Mama Sarah.

 ~Bishop Dickson Lubinga, African Pastor

My prayer life was challenged on this trip. I realized how much of my prayers have been in the line of petitioning. Evelyn, a native here, was my roommate for three nights. She initiated prayer AND worship before we went to sleep and when we woke up. Her prayers were saturated with declarations of who God is. Our Heavenly Father is jealous of our every passion and love.~Mary Ann Esh

I met a girl at the Seminar who was a victim of rape when she was 15. She got saved at the Seminar and she was so happy!! It was just amazing to see how God worked in her life.  ~Lisa Neufeld