Crusade Reflections with Judy

My husband and I started coming to the crusade because Aaron’s brother, Steven Stoltzfus had been with the Carolina Chaplaincy in Trenton for 10 years. He wanted us to join him, but we never ‘found the time’ to come. We regret that greatly! So, after his passing we decided to go. It only took one time, and now we are able to ‘find the time’!!

I find myself deeply blessed and renewed in the awesome Sunday worship and preparation/ cleansing time every year. We look forward to the Abbeville church family’s delicious and creative meals Sunday noon and afternoon. They are so faithful!

I feel this prison ministry is like a piece of cake. It is a privilege to be allowed into the prisons and share Christ with the inmates. Many of them don’t have many visitors! This cake is topped with the sweet icing of wonderful fellowship with fellow volunteers and the amazing faithfulness of the Gospel Express leaders and assistants, the family singing teams, and evangelists. Aaron and I have made friends here each year. Many prisoners’ lives are changed, renewed, and encouraged, and our Lord God is glorified ‘so that the world may know that He is God!’

We always return home challenged and encouraged to go and do likewise in our own community!            ~Judy Stoltzfus