Prison Crusades

Prison Crusade Weekends have an evangelistic focus. They include focused “seed planting” interaction between volunteers and inmates through fellowship in dorms, on the recreation yard, in confinement and in cafeteria areas. As mainstream culture continues to turn away from God, the brokenness is reflected in a prison system that is overflowing with emotional and spiritual devastation. These weekends give evangelists, family teams, and volunteers the opportunity to bring hope to the devastated, as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.


Crusade Dates:

December 2-6, 2015 – Marianna, FL

February 7-11, 2016 – Abbeville/Columbia/Sumter/Walterboro, SC

For more information on our prison crusade ministry view our brochure here.

If you are interested in participating in a prison crusade contact Greta via email or phone:; 828-859-7003.


Our Mission Statement: We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that Jesus Christ gave His life and shed His blood on the cross for our sins. We believe our only hope for salvation is confessing our sin to God and believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, buried with Him in water baptism, and raised in newness of life, living under the lordship of Christ.

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