Discipleship Ministry

Humanism, feminism, evolution and new age philosophies have eroded the consciences of the people of our society. God’s Word has the only lasting and eternal answers! God is opening many doors for inmate discipleship opportunities. There are seminars, study guides and mentoring currently being conducted in prisons. As these precious souls assimilate the truths of God’s Word into the fabric of everyday life, the transformation is miraculous and discipleship becomes reality.


Bondage to Freedom Seminar

Identifying Rejection and Unforgiveness and Choosing to Forgive and Release the Offender

Bondage to Freedom brings freedom from past bondage by teaching forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ.

We recommend 4, 2 hour sessions to complete the seminar.

Series Includes:

1.Created for Relationship 2.Broken Relationships

3.Rejection 4.Forgiveness


Conflict Resolution Seminar

Don’t manage anger, resolve it!

The Conflict Resolution Seminar: breaking the chains of anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

We recommend 4, 2 hour sessions to complete the seminar.

Sessions Include:

1.Understanding Anger 2.Root Cause of Anger

3. Attitudes Necessary for Conflict Resolution 4.Transforming Anger into the Power of Love

5. Breaking the Bondage of Anger 6. Dealing with Inherited Weaknesses

7.Practical Advice for Conflict Resolution  8.Practical Ways to Prevent Anger


Seeking Him

Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival

The Seeking Him study gives daily assignments to participants. The study applies practical truths of God’s Word to everyday life happenings – a challenging study!

This study is written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom, is conducted weekly over an 8-12 week time frame.

Class Topics Include:

1.Revival 2.Humility 3.Honestly 4.Repentance 5.Grace 6.Holiness 7.Obedience 8.Clear Conscience

9.Forgiveness 10.Sexual Purity 11.The Spirit-Filled Life 12.The Personal Devotion Life


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“Go ye therefore… teaching them to observe all things.”

Matthew 28: 19a, 20a