Uganda March Mission Testimonies

Uganda March Mission Testimonies

    March 2-13, 2016       

Refugee Camp, Compassion House, medical clinic, prisons…


My African eye witnessed the construction at the compassion house. The Pennsylvania team through giving clothes and food to refugees, Bibles, soap to prisoners, helping at the medical clinic, and various construction projects, revealed such a hardworking heart. The locals thought that they had prepared enough materials for construction only to be surprised that in 2 hours all materials were finished! Therefore, let us not only give to people, but also teach them to work… to work hard. Thank you team for that lesson you gave to us. ~Pastor Billy


I read about the poverty in Africa and other areas. We even see pictures of it but to actually touch it… The children are so happy and they really have nothing. ~Rose Fahnestock


Even though we can’t understand each other, the cry for help in their eyes was easy to read. God’s love does not always need words, just a touch and hug goes a long way. ~Linda Martin


It was such a blessing to work with the local pastors who have a real desire to serve the lord and help their people. ~Dean Zimmerman


A smile is universal. We understand the cry of a baby in any language, and also a mother’s love. Deep inside we are all the same and God’s love is equal for every single one of us. ~Sandy Eberly

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