South Carolina Prison Crusade Testimonies

South Carolina Prison Crusade
February 7-11, 2016

412 Ministry Servants, Representing 22 States and 3 Provinces
24 Prisons
23 Ministry Teams/Evangelists
92 Evangelistic Services

We are back home from one of the most successful prison ministry trips that I have participated in. There was so much to do in 4 days and so little time. We laugh, we cry, we pray for the victims and their families… but we also pray for the prisoners to get right with God so they will become good Christians and good citizens at the same time. We are not there to try to get them out of prison. We are there to try to keep them from going back. I was happy to see Sharon (wife) when I came home, waiting for me with a home cooked meal. I was happy for a warm home, a soft bed, clean clothes, a shower, and the freedom to decide when I want to call it a day. Today I can live with myself knowing that I tried to carry the Cross of Jesus to those in prison. May it not be said of me “I was in prison and you never came to see me.” ~Harold Shively (volunteer)

I’m writing on behalf of my father who is an inmate at Turbeville Correctional. He was so excited about the Gospel Express team visiting there last week, having been greatly blessed by prior visits of various teams. The sermons, the families ministering in music, and the visits in the dorm mean far more to him than I could ever express. As the inmates come to know Christ, or are encouraged in their walk with Him, those blessings overflow to their families.  ~Sherry (inmate’s daughter)

It is only by the grace of God that I can go in as a volunteer and not be behind bars myself. I got to lead a 56 year old man to Christ in lockup. ~Jason Yoder (volunteer)

It was amazing to see some of these women experience more freedom in their lives than ever before, though they are living behind bars. It was a beautiful reminder that the gift of salvation and the love of God is extended and available to all who simply ask and receive.  ~Katrina (office staff)