Singing – Living A Childhood Dream

Nelson and Sarah early in ministry.

“I remember sitting on the wooden floor of our old water pump and telling mom I didn’t feel good. Next thing I remember is laying on the kitchen table, people all around with wet towels covering my body- trying to relieve my fever. Within hours I became stiff, paralyzed, unable to walk so dad wrapped me in his arms and a friend took us to Altman Hospital.

The sickness was polio, the year 1952. I was four years old and put in a room with five other children who had polio from the Hartville, Ohio community. I was paralyzed on my right side but within two weeks feeling was restored. A terrified little Amish boy was I when they covered my little bed with a net to keep me from leaping out and running down the hallway. To my knowledge, I’m the only one from that room that was able to walk out of that room on their own. Other cases were more severe.”

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