Refugee Crisis




  “I heard about them and spoke  
about them, but now it was
 time to go to them.”

Over 100,000 refugees have come into Uganda from Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Congo since 2013. We took medical teams to two different camps. Malaria, scabies and respiratory conditions have become overwhelming. Most of the refugees crossed the borders of neighboring countries to escape brutal ethnic violence.

One mother with 5 children said “My husband is in Congo…. He died maybe- I don’t know.” And a man with 6 children “We were all running and they chased us with Machetes. My wife… they must have killed her, we did not see her again.”


Very unsanitary conditions, people bathing, washing clothes and drinking water out of the same pond or creek. Four doctors and  six nurses traveled hundreds of miles with us and giving medicine to over 1,600 people in 3 days. Hundreds were turned away as we closed the clinics and ran out of medicine. A great opportunity to preach the Gospel and witnessed at least 350 people praying to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.  –Nelson Coblentz


I could not imagine seeing over 2,000 receiving medicine, blankets, mosquito nets and cups. “If we are to serve God we have to allow God to bend us so low to reach those who are low.” Thank you Gospel Express and supporters who gave so much.” – Pastor Billy Samperezza


This mission was altogether a new experience even for most of us Pastors, we thought that refugee camps is a responsibility for the Government, not realizing  that the need there is so overwhelming. People in camps are so innocent, yet so victimized in the circumstances in which they find themselves!  It is a lesson for a lifetime to think of families of 8, 10, or 12 squeezing themselves into a tiny room of 8 by 12 ft, and to discover that the food available to them for a whole month is about  4 pounds per family, no clean water, no charcoal or firewood and no sauce, etc. It was a great experience also giving out Bibles, nets, cups, blankets and shoes. Many more of these missions are needed!” Pastor Dickson Lubinga


“The Rakai Refugee Camp mission near the border of Tanzania transformed my heart, as minister of church planting, this Camp left a mark and a challenge in my calling to the unreached communities. Even many praying to receive Jesus Christ. This broke my heart and we ask  whom the Lord God would have partner with us as we plan to make a second visit, hopefully January 2015.  Thank you Brother Nelson and the entire ministry for making an EARLY CHRISTMAS CEREBRATION IN UGANDA, IN THE REFUGEE CAMP.”Bishop Stephen Mwangi


How Can You Help?

4,000 blankets: $6.00 each

3,000 mosquito nets: $4.00 each

2,000 sleeping mats and tarps: $6.00 each

Support a 1 day medical clinic: $3,500

*Any proceeds should be earmarked “compassion fund”

We are also in need of proceeds to purchase Bibles to give out to the Refugees and churches.

It costs $9.00 each for a bible if you wish to donate to this please earmark Africa Bibles”.

You can donate online or by mail

P.O. Box 217 Lynn,, NC 28750

You can also call the office at (828) 859-7003

Next mission trip is June 12-28, 2015 —Medical & Prison Ministry, Church Construction Projects