Office Addition

The original office building in Columbus, NC was built in 1999. Initially it was designed to be an extension of our main office in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. It contained 4 office rooms, a receptionist area, a kitchen area, along with a storage room that doubles as a board meeting room and two apartments in the basement. Shortly after it was built the PA office was closed and everything was moved to North Carolina. Over the past 6-8 years as we have added more secretaries and men to fill needed positions, every nook and corner in the kitchen and basement has become utilized for storage or office desks. We simply are in need of more space.

Phase 1 of the building plan is a 12 X 46 addition as seen in the photo. It will give us 2 more offices, some storage, and a conference/meeting room. Once this addition is complete we also hope to soon start on phase 2, which is a separate building behind the office for storage, an expanded Bible/Bible courses section, and additional housing for VS staff/house parents. We have started this project with vision, seed money, and lots of faith for additional financial/material donations and labor toward the cause. Approximately $15,000 is needed to complete Phase 1. If you are interested to assist in any way call Lonnie or Mervin at our office 828-859-7003. You can also contribute online and note “building project.”



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