Mullett Family’s Live Recording

The Mullett Family did a live recording on December 9, 2012 at
Lowell Correctional Institution in FL he projected release date of the CD/DVD is April 1, 2013. 


Note from Duane:

We were grateful for the privilege to do this live recording in Ocala, FL on December 9th. This day would have been our son Austin’s 19th birthday. The warden and his staff were amazingly accommodating with all the extra and unusual work associated with a recording like this. We saw tears of pain and loss, along with moments of spontaneous joy as the inmates responded to the truths of God’s Word. God took a day that would have been discouraging and turned it into a day to proclaim a message of hope through Jesus Christ.


I just received a very sweet letter from my daughter, who is an inmate at Lowell. This was her first time in church this (sentence) and she was so touched by your amazing family! She said, “I often said the Lord had forgotten about me, but He’s always been there. There’s this song called ‘When Hurt and the Healer Collide’! I cried from beginning to end.” She was so blessed by you and your children singing and giving testimony. I want to thank you for going to where she is.