Motorhome Glory Story


An amazing “That’s God!” story of divine guidance, a heart of generosity, and an angel messenger God used to bring it all together.

It began with an unusual phone call. “I’m Lorn from Washington state… you don’t know me but a friend gave me a little paper (newsletter) with a picture of a motor home exactly like my in-laws have. They saw the paper and believe God wants you to have their motor home. It’s a 2007 Jayco Seneca with 22,000 miles, in mint condition, and with some extra features on it for $115,000.”


I put the conversation out of my mind realizing the cost was $45,000 more than proceeds available for the vehicle. Next the owner, Barb Baker, (Christians) emailed and said, “We’d love, love, love for you to have this motor home if its God’s will.” Within a few hours I received a phone call from Barb whose husband Don is in the first stage of dementia. “Nelson, we saw your newsletter and an exact picture of our motor home. We can’t travel anymore and would like to sell it. We’ve been blessed, have some retirement, and don’t really need the money. The motor home is in excellent condition, and we would rather a Christian ministry has it then someone using it for recreation. What about $95,000 and we donate $5,000 and the cost would be $90,000?” I told her we have approximately $70,000 and have a ministry policy not to borrow for vehicles. She said, “Let us pray about this and call you back tomorrow. I looked at your website and feel like I know you and believe you are doing God’s work.”


Needless to say, prayer was the buzz word around the office and I was calling co-workers and board chairmen for advice depending on the decision when she calls back. With the low mileage and excellent condition of the motor home, we thought calling a few business men may be acceptable if need be depending on their decision.


As promised the call came the next day. “Do you still have $70,000 or did you get more?” I really wanted to help God out and tell her I could maybe make some phone calls but the Holy Spirit ministered peace, allowing God to handle this His way. I told her we still have that amount and she said, “Well, we’ve prayed about this and we decided to sell it to you for $70,000.” (Silence…tears…) “Is that okay?”

“Yes, Barb…I just don’t know what to say….”

“When do you and Sarah leave for those OH and PA banquets?”

I said, “A week from Sunday.”

“Well, next week we would like to drive the motor home to you in North Carolina by Friday, visit a friend in Johnson City and fly home Saturday. This way you can pack and still leave Sunday.” More tears and glory shouts on Hallelujah Avenue (hallway outside my office). Exactly a week later they pulled into the office and flew home free because their daughter is a retired airline worker.


The son-in-law, who drove the motor home the 3500 miles, said to me privately at our office, “I thought at first mom and dad were crazy selling that motor home to you for $70,000, but now I realize it was for you and Sarah all the time but mom and dad got to use it a couple years.”


The story could go on how God used Barb to minister to people on their long flight home and the positive witness this benevolent deed of kindness has had on her ladies Bible study group and church friends. “Obedience will preach where the Word cannot reach.”


Sarah and I, along with each co-worker here at Gospel Express wish to sincerely thank you for your contribution to the vehicle fund. Your gift was needed to make this Glory Story a reality. We desire to be good stewards of the vehicle God has entrusted to us.


-Nelson Coblentz