March 2013 Uganda Mission Trip

Uganda, Africa March 25 – April 10

A few testimonies from volunteers and a Ugandan Pastor.

“Seeking purpose and direction for this trip, the message to me was “just to love.” This truth touched my heart as we worshipped with local believers and prisoners, and interacted with little children. One afternoon this little sweetheart came to sit with me. She was very quiet at first, but then she looked up at me and ventured shyly, “Auntie?” She said something in Luganda but of course neither of us could understand the other. All I could do was smooth her little braids and smile into her darling brown eyes and she snuggled closer. Throughout this trip I watched God’s love break through language and culture barriers. It has been such a privilege to simply be a channel of His wonderful love. “If God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.” I John 4:11”    – Andrea, Ontario


“One particular experience deeply touched my heart and is one I will not soon forget. The first prison we visited a dear prisoner lady had responded to the call of Christ. As she stood there barefooted and clad in bright yellow prison garments, praying the sinner’s prayer, I came over to be with her and slipped my arm around her shoulder. I happened to glance down at her very dirty feet. My thoughts were “O Lord, look at those poor feet! She could really use a pair of beautiful shoes. I really want to help her, Lord Jesus.” At the end of the prayer I looked into her dark eyes. What I saw then changed my life. I saw a completely happy lady. She had a tear glistening in the corner of her one eye and that was the moment that I knew God had answered my prayer. Her every need had somehow just been met. She was content. Beautiful shoes no longer mattered because her heart needs were supplied and she was rejoicing! Praise the Lord!”    – Mrs. J. Schrock, Austin, CO


“We have witnessed a special visitation of the power of the Holy Spirit. Over 600 prisoners from 8 different prisons prayed to receive Jesus Christ and just over 2,300 prisoners in total attendance. Approx. 300 people attended two village crusades with more than 70 people receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. As evangelist Nelson and the team shared Bondage to Freedom seminars in one church and one prison there was a great visitation in the area of repentance and brokenness (which has never happened before). We also appreciate the team for helping with the church construction project at Remnant Haven Ministries and the children classrooms at Kampala Life Center. Another great blessing – lives will be saved because the team gave mosquito nets to 80 families. This protects them from the number one killer disease (malaria) of the children of Uganda. On behalf of all the pastors, villages, and prisoners, I give great thanksgiving to the team and for those who blessed us by your deeds of love and kindness.”     – Pastor Billy, Kampala, Uganda