GPS Bibles – April Newsletter Teaser

These King James Version Bibles are designed for inmates and most of them are distributed free of charge to correctional facilities. We also make them available at a nominal cost to churches, ministries, and individuals. Our next order will likely be placed in the next year and we need to raise about
$22,000 yet. You can place an order or donate toward this project here (eartag: GPS). Thank you!


“Every morning before I ride the Light Rail to college, I read this GPS
Bible and it has enabled me to be ready both in season and out of season. Where I live, we are not allowed to have phones and cannot download
digital Bibles. I know that this way of reading or studying the Word has become very popular, yet I still prefer to read the actual book.
~ Datyous Mahmoudian

The master outline in the GPS New Testament is an excellent
tool. It’s easy-to-read and understand, plus it comes in a handy sized format.
~Simon Schrock (Choice Books)