From Pain To Purpose Ministry

Walking alongside hurting individuals this first year of our “From Pain to Purpose” focus has been a tremendous privilege. As we ministered in prison, in Mexico, and in churches across the US, many individuals have been able to expose the broken places of their hearts and find healing. We are rejoicing in what God has been doing.

Our tours have included family singing ministry, teaching sessions (Duane – churches, Cindy – women’s retreats) and one-on-one time with individuals. Pain takes many different forms in our lives, but Jesus came to redeem that pain and to show us His amazing purpose.
~Duane and Cindy Mullett

Pain to Purpose in Prison
The Pain to Purpose seminar was a blessing to the ladies at Mountain View Prison. They loved the depth of the teaching. One thought that meant a lot to me was “God doesn’t always eliminate the fire, but He shows up in our “fires”. The personal stories really touched the ladies (inmates) because so many have gone through their own journeys of pain. This time was really enjoyed by inmates and volunteers alike. ~Denise Helmuth (TX)

Pain to Purpose in Churches
My husband and I attended “Pain to Purpose” just after we lost a child through miscarriage. The songs and words meant so much to us! And the messages were so relevant. ~Joy Miller (IA)

I appreciated the real life illustrations. The message about living as an overcomer really stood out to me. The singing is also important as music speaks when words just cannot.
~Lynn Helmuth (IA) Gospel Express Executive Board Member

The seminar has been an encouragement to our congregation. Our church was going through a painful time when the Mullett’s were here. Their testimony and encouragement gave us a breath of hope. It truly was a blessing to have the family share their journey from pain to purpose.
~Pastor Dennis & Leanna Unger (OK)

In the last year, we lost our senior pastor to cancer, and we had a family who lost their 3 year-old in a drowning accident. The church is going through grief, and it was just very helpful to have the Mullett’s here. I appreciated so much that they weren’t just talking about pain to purpose; they were sharing out of their own lives. You could feel their heart, and they really connected with people. I would highly recommend this series of meetings for your church or community. ~Pastor Perry Miller (IA)

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