Crusade Follow-Up & Discipleship

God is still setting the captive free and it is through Christ and choosing to follow His way, the way of forgiveness, that we experience true freedom! We thank God for the opportunities to share the BTF seminar as a follow-up to the prison crusades. Many hearts are touched and find healing from the wounds of rejection as they continue to walk in forgiveness. This is a transformation and healing that only God can do.  ~Mervin Wengerd (Prison Ministry Director)

You imparted some awesome truths. Whenever I have a hard time with someone I remember how wretched I was and thank God for forgiving me. Then I ask Him to help me do the same. ~Cheryl (FL)

The BTF seminar has given me answers to so many questions. I can stand today and know for sure if I died today I will go to heaven. I am so blessed! ~Darion (FL)

My mother gave me up for adoption when I was a baby. When I turned 18 years old I contacted my mother and went to visit her. She informed me that I was a big mistake and she did not want to be any part of my life. She said, “Get Out!” So I left feeling so hurt and rejected. I really do want to forgive my mother, but it is so hard. Pray for me. ~anonymous (SC) (a heart-wrenching prayer request)

We are very humbled and thankful for the privilege to be involved in this ministry of dealing with the root issues of sin in the human heart! We hear comments like “I don`t want to be this bitter person anymore,” “I need a bath in the Blood of Jesus,” “I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off of me,” “I have held on tightly to all this baggage (unforgiveness, resentment, etc.) for so long, I don`t know how to function without it.” Helping them to deal with their father and mother wounds has its very special moments. My friends, the cross still stands, the blood still cleanses sin, and the invitation from the heart of Jesus “that whosoever will may come and drink from the fountain of the water of life freely” is still open! ~Loyd Gingerich (Seminar Instructor)