Canon City, CO Revival Meeting Testimonies

Canon City, CO Revival Meeting Testimonies

This 24 day tour was centered on a week of revival meetings in Canon City, Colorado. Coming and to and from Colorado were one night stops in prisons and churches in the states of Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. We are so grateful to God for all the open doors and opportunities on this journey. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 -Dave Miller

I praise God for bringing your family to Skyline Mennonite this past week. We have been deeply challenged through the Spirit-directed messages. God has been working in our hearts and it feels like He will continue the work through His Word and Spirit. Thank you especially for reminding us that our past does not need to dictate our future! -Merle

I so appreciated hearing you preach the word of God each night and being filled, refreshed, and challenged. The night you talked about embracing Holy Spirit and who he is was powerful and so resonated with me. First, thank you for representing Holy Spirit in the right way and confronting lies that the church has believed. You said something about our experiences will not all look the same and we are not seeking an experience, we are seeking the Holy Spirit. I had an experience about 3 years ago where I thought and believed if my experience didn’t look a certain way then I must have less of the Holy Spirit than other people around me. I realize now how much of a lie that was. That night I repented of believing that lie and released the expectation of what it should look like. As I knelt at the altar that night I wept because for the first time I saw how beautiful the Holy Spirit is and the work he does and how important the Holy Spirit is in the life of a believer.   -Bonita

Thanks so much for your honesty and openness about the importance and the work of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the week, God uncovered a lot of hidden motives of my heart–jealousy, pride, self-protection. It was so refreshing and freeing to allow Him to minister truth in His Presence, and letting go of my “props” and returning to an obsession with the Presence and agenda of the One who’s worthy! -Matthias

Praise God! I’m blessed! This week has really been stretching! Tuesday was about the Holy Spirit. I was expecting an experience and did not get one that night, I came home feeling disappointed. I felt so far from God. I picked up my Bible and read Jeremiah 29:12-13 “Pray unto me and I will hearken unto you.” The next evening I came not expecting an experience. Dave preached on how to walk in the spirit. The altar call was given and I just felt God wanted me to go up. I went down on my knees, and all of a sudden I felt terrific heat in my head and my hands started shaking and I laughed uncontrollably! “My God is Real!” -Lori

God is so good, we rejoice because of the great things he has done. This past week God touched our family in many ways and we want to share a few of them with you all. One of our prayers this week was that revival could be felt in our hearts and also in the lives of our 8 children,the oldest is 19 and the youngest is 5, we praise God that our prayer was answered. When the Holy Spirit falls it will affect all who are willing to receive it no matter the age. One day our son Dominick,( age 10) came to my wife crying and told her that Jesus is in his heart now. He said he went to the bedroom and asked Jesus to come into his heart. After she prayed with him and blessed him Dominick went back into the house, about 5 minutes later he came back out with his little brother Damian (age 5) and said that he also helped Damian ask Jesus into his heart!!!!!! There was lots of rejoicing in our family and my wife also explained to him that an evangelist cares about people souls and that God may be calling him to tell many others about Jesus!! On Friday eve. Dave preached about Family. At the end of the service he invited everyone to bring their families to the altar!  We began to speak life into each other and as I started to bless our son Jeremiah (age 10) he became very broken and he cried and cried for a long time.  We were asking him if something was wrong, he kept telling us that he is fine. We finally figured out that he was so overwhelmed and grateful for his family!! When Gods Spirit moves lives are changed. Our oldest son Anthony was also touched in different areas of his life and we love to see him continue to grow in his walk with God, Timothy, Hope and Andrew also were soft and very open to what God was doing, what a blessing to be in a place where there is opportunity for our children to thrive and we give God all the glory. -Bill

I was encouraged night after night as the truth of God’s Word was shared, and I realized in a greater way the calling that God has entrusted us with on earth. I was reminded of the importance of using the precious words that I speak to bring life, rather than speaking death and tearing down those around me. The Holy Spirit did a great work, both in myself and our Church, as He showed off the Father’s glory! –Andrew

I have been blessed to experience restitution and reconciliation this week. One evening I thought of something I really appreciate about my father so I called him the next day to tell him. The next evening God led my roommate and I to clear things up between us so that we could speak life into each other again, and the Holy Spirit came into our living room that night as we ministered to each other and worshipped Jesus our Lord!! The testimony time Sunday morning was amazing.  I was very encouraged as people told what God had done in their lives during the week. -Mike