Bible Course Graders – April Newsletter Teaser

I cannot imagine where this ministry would be, if not for the thousands of volunteer partners in ministry throughout the years – office staff, fundraiser committees, prison crusade volunteers, Bible study course graders, board members, and the list goes on! And if we take this a step further and think about the millions of volun­teers who are facilitating the visions and dreams of God through ministries, missions, churches, and para-church organizations. Volunteers are those who make provision for the vision and take personally the “Here am I, send me” principle where God gave a general call and Isaiah stepped forward.

I (Nelson) had the blessing of meeting with many Bible course graders in IA, MO, and KS. These behind the scenes (unsung heroes) workers are among the 300 Bible Study Course graders throughout the USA and Canada. Ten Iowa graders alone, corrected 1256 tests in 2018. Please pray that these servants of God would not become weary in well doing. Many of these graders become a spiritual lifeline to the inmates as they take the time to write them notes of encouragement.

*We are in need of additional graders who are fluent in Spanish to grade our new Spanish courses. Please email if this interests you or you feel God’s call into this ministry.