August 2015 Uganda Mission

Rarely have we seen such anguish of the soul, absolute brokenness, and Godly sorrow that lead to repentance and deliverance from the roots of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. We wept with those who were weeping until bondage gave way to freedom and the joy of Jesus broke forth into glorious praise!

Brother Lester Miller and I had the privilege of teaching four Bondage to Freedom (BTF) and Leadership Seminars during our August mission. Forms of rejection such as verbal, physical, and sexual abuse are not commonly addressed in that culture. Twenty-nine pastors were among the 180 attendees at the remote village BTF Seminar. Their plea was “please bring this teaching to our villages”. Many came to Christ in the 1st session of the two day/four session seminar where all teaching was via interpretation.

Bishop Lubinga commented, “This hands-on teaching should be considered in other parts of the country because freedom is a good that all humanity is craving for from the deepest area of the heart!” District overseer Pastor William said, “This teaching is not so familiar to us…many hearts were touched and a number of lives were reconnected to our Heavenly Father.”

All seminar attendees were handed a certificate with their name on it. Faces glowed with joy, words of gratitude were expressed…giving them the honor of accomplishment

Over 400 Bibles in several languages were given to some seminar attendees and youth students in churches. Receiving a Bible is a prized possession. Recipients qualified by first reading publicly a few verses of scripture.

Eli Miller from Washington was our right hand helper in giving out clothing, toys, and toothbrushes to children and soap to prisoners. In January we renovated a structure now called “The Compassion House”. This house currently has eight children and two caretakers. These physically and emotionally challenged children are from the refugee camp which is only ten miles away. We’ve seen dramatic improvement since their emotional and medical needs can now be treated routinely. We are considering building a Compassion House more suitable in meeting the needs of physically impaired children. This is a much needed facility in the Rakai district.

Our final stop was a heartbreaking visit to CorSu Hospital for children, giving out toys and praying for family members and their children that are waiting for reconstructive surgeries. We saw a number of babies with cleft palates and many children needing surgery on their legs, arms, hands, and feet, some needing prosthesis and wheelchairs.

Most heartbreaking was a 16 year old boy, Prance Ombalari, from the country of the Congo. Their village house was one of the many houses burned by warriors in war torn Congo. His mother, father and two siblings died of severe burns but two relatives brought Prance from the Congo through Rawanda (4 days public transportation) to this hospital in Uganda. We immediately applied B & W (burn & wound) salve to his face, arms and chest. Prance needs skin grafting surgeries and now family members are asking if he could possibly stay in Uganda. It is a very sad situation. The real Prance is a God-created, God-fearing, beautiful young man whose body has been harmed by the element of this earthly life.

Please know, my friend, that the Ugandan Pastors and many fellow believers expressed sincere appreciation for the Americans who prayed and contributed to make available these seminars, Bibles, blankets, medicine, soap, clothes, toys, dolls and toothbrushes. We are your hands and heart, giving “unto the least of these”.

Because of Jesus Christ,

Nelson, Lester & Eli

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