A huge thank you to all the children and sponsors. The hunger for the printed Word is enormous in third world countries. During the January seminar in Uganda, we gave seven Bibles each to 50 bishops/pastors and then gave one Bible each to the additional 250 attendees. You cannot imagine how desperate they were to receive their very own Bible in their language.
Over 100 children have read approximately 161,000 pages. 245 sponsors have contributed over $35,000 which will all be invested directly into the printed Word…PTL!
The top three readers combined have raised $9,531.
The cost for each Bible ranges from $4-9 depending on the language. This Read- A-Thon should enable us to purchase approximately 5800 Bibles! Please pray with us for wisdom as we give Bibles to church leaders, villagers, refugees, and prisoners throughout the continent of Africa.

On Nelson’s last trip to Uganda here in April, they were able to pass out Bibles to numerous schools as well as some prisons. We thanks God for His provisions again and the children and prisoners who received Bibles say thank you to you all as well.