Crusade Reflections with Judy

My husband and I started coming to the crusade because Aaron’s brother, Steven Stoltzfus had been with the Carolina Chaplaincy in Trenton for 10 years. He wanted us to join him, but we never ‘found the time’ to come. We regret that greatly! So, after his passing we decided to go. It only took one time, and now we are able to ‘find the time’!! I find myself deeply blessed and renewed in the awesome Sunday worship and preparation/ cleansing time every year. We look forward to the Abbeville church family’s delicious and creative meals Sunday noon and afternoon.... Read more

Words cannot convey……

Words cannot convey what a blessing your teams have been in their ministry to the inmates and their families, and to the officers. Each time the light of Christ is shared with even one person it impacts many, many others. As your teams have greatly ministered to my daddy, he tries to minister to fellow inmates and be a blessing to the officers. You should have heard his excitement on the phone when he learned of a 4 day revival on the prison schedule.  Thank you for your faithful service. It means so much to those in prison as well... Read more

January 2017 Mission Trip to Uganda

Uganda Mission Testimonies January 10-24, 2017 Seminars, Medical Clinic, Compassion House Dedication, Prison Services, Refugee Camp   God brought Sarah and I, along with Lester Miller and six young people together for two weeks of ministry. We initially met with 120 native church leaders for three days of intense seminar teaching. There was such a sincere hunger for the word of God (and more Bibles), along with laughter and brokenness. The village crusade to the Congolese Pygmies that followed was heartbreaking. They are a people group that literally lives in the woods under the trees. We conducted prison services... Read more

Pennsylvania Tent Meeting Testimonies

  The 2016 Community Revival Meetings were truly that: community and revival meetings. I was blessed to see persons attending the tent meetings representing nearly every denomination from the descendants of the Anabaptists, and many others beside. They came in anything from buggies to busses, and from bikes to motorcycles. From the various singing groups, to the ushers, counselors, and volunteers there was a wonderful working together. Night after night God used Brother Dave and Brother Nelson to preach the word. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit hundreds of saints and sinners alike repented of sin and surrendered to Jesus.... Read more

Bible Study Ministry Testimonies

I love your series on the entire book of Romans. It should be a part of every school’s curriculum. I would like to share it with my family who has been in the dark. Your ministry inspired me to be all I can be for Christ and be His light that shines in a dark world. Keep singing and telling the Good News. ~Kelli M. Inmate This Bible Study (Romans) is one of the best studies by far. I was really brought into the Word and so many things were opened up to me. I’m thankful that I came across... Read more

Love is the only language

Love is the only language that is understood by everyone, everywhere. Thank you to the Christians in America that you would think of other people in need. As the mission team played soccer and netball (volleyball) with the inmates, the inmates felt so good about themselves knowing that someone loved and cared for them. The team shared the Gospel and gave baby bundles to 180 expecting mothers during a program at our church. Many gave their lives to Jesus Christ. These women were treated with such respect, something that remains rare in this country.  A special incident happen when... Read more

Crusade Follow-Up & Discipleship

God is still setting the captive free and it is through Christ and choosing to follow His way, the way of forgiveness, that we experience true freedom! We thank God for the opportunities to share the BTF seminar as a follow-up to the prison crusades. Many hearts are touched and find healing from the wounds of rejection as they continue to walk in forgiveness. This is a transformation and healing that only God can do.  ~Mervin Wengerd (Prison Ministry Director) You imparted some awesome truths. Whenever I have a hard time with someone I remember how wretched I was and thank... Read more

We are very humbled…

We are very humbled and thankful for the privilege to be involved in this ministry of dealing with the root issues of sin in the human heart! We hear comments like “I don`t want to be this bitter person anymore,” “I need a bath in the Blood of Jesus,” “I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off of me,” “I have held on tightly to all this baggage (unforgiveness, resentment, etc.) for so long, I don`t know how to function without it.” Helping them to deal with their father and mother wounds has its very special... Read more

The Gospel Express ministers…

The Gospel Express ministers and ministry families have become an integral part of the chapel ministry here at Walton. The teams come ready to be poured-out for the Lord as they minister hope to our 1300 men. I am so blessed to see your people reaching out and touching the hearts and lives of the inmates as well as staff here. We recently had the Duane Mullett family here for an afternoon of ministry. I stood amazed and humbly blessed to see the response of the men to the ministry of that precious family. Grown men laughed, then cried... Read more

There is nothing more…

There is nothing more spiritually refreshing than seeing the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ transforming lives behind the prison walls… and to see the Holy Spirit move in such a powerful way when so many believers come together with a common goal… Praise God! ~Allen Fisher (Redeemed Singing Team) Read more