Bible Course Graders – April Newsletter Teaser

I cannot imagine where this ministry would be, if not for the thousands of volunteer partners in ministry throughout the years – office staff, fundraiser committees, prison crusade volunteers, Bible study course graders, board members, and the list goes on! And if we take this a step further and think about the millions of volun­teers who are facilitating the visions and dreams of God through ministries, missions, churches, and para-church organizations. Volunteers are those who make provision for the vision and take personally the “Here am I, send me” principle where God gave a general call and Isaiah stepped... Read more

Notes from the Executive Board – April Newsletter Teaser

It is an honor and privilege to serve on the Gospel Express Executive Board. About four times a year, the seven-member board, along with Nelson, and the Co-Directors sit together and have an executive board meeting. This is a time of praying and sharing together; asking God for vision and direction for the ministry. It’s also a time of crying and sharing our burdens and struggles, as well as laughing and just having fun together.  Of course, decisions are made and financial reports are given. We also get to hear reports from each of the Directors, which truly is... Read more

GPS Bibles – April Newsletter Teaser

These King James Version Bibles are designed for inmates and most of them are distributed free of charge to correctional facilities. We also make them available at a nominal cost to churches, ministries, and individuals. Our next order will likely be placed in the next year and we need to raise about $22,000 yet. You can place an order or donate toward this project here (eartag: GPS). Thank you! TESTIMONIES: “Every morning before I ride the Light Rail to college, I read this GPS Bible and it has enabled me to be ready both in season and out of... Read more

Crusade Reflections with Judy – April Newsletter Teaser

My husband and I started coming to the crusade because Aaron’s brother, Steven Stoltzfus had been with the Carolina Chaplaincy in Trenton for 10 years. He wanted us to join him, but we never ‘found the time’ to come. We regret that greatly! So, after his passing we decided to go. It only took one time, and now we are able to ‘find the time’!! I find myself deeply blessed and renewed in the awesome Sunday worship and preparation/ cleansing time every year. We look forward to the Abbeville church family’s delicious and creative meals Sunday noon and afternoon.... Read more

Who Are You Following? April Newsletter Teaser

“There are two types of people in the world today: those that are followers of God, with Him as their guide, and those that are not followers of God, and are living for themselves.  The question is, who are you following? Social psychology researchers have found in their studies that people are very much influenced by the people and the culture around them.  Recently an inmate in prison admitted to me that he got in with the wrong crowd and that’s why he ended up in prison. He knew better, but he buckled under peer-pressure and is now reaping... Read more

A Look Into The Future

Upcoming Events: NEW HOLLAND, PA BENEFIT AUCTION April 25-27, 2019 TEXAS PRISON CRUSADE September 26-29, 2019 FLORIDA PRISON CRUSADE December 4-8, 2019 SOUTH CAROLINA PRISON CRUSADE February 2-6, 2020     Please confirm these dates before traveling far distances…. You can view our schedule here at this link, or you may call us at the office at 828-859-7003. Read more

Singing – Living A Childhood Dream

“I remember sitting on the wooden floor of our old water pump and telling mom I didn’t feel good. Next thing I remember is laying on the kitchen table, people all around with wet towels covering my body- trying to relieve my fever. Within hours I became stiff, paralyzed, unable to walk so dad wrapped me in his arms and a friend took us to Altman Hospital. The sickness was polio, the year 1952. I was four years old and put in a room with five other children who had polio from the Hartville, Ohio community. I was paralyzed... Read more

Long Term Opportunities

Gospel Express has various long term opportunities available. You must be at least 18 years of age and be willing to make a 1-2 year commitment.   Office Staff Looking to serve the Lord in the office? There are various VS opportunities available upon God leading our current office staff to other areas of life. VS opportunities include secretarial positions in accounting, prison ministry, Bible study course ministry and the recording ministry. We also utilize a domestic worker to clean at the office and assist the teams as they prepare for and return from tours.   STAFF POSITIONS *EVANGELISTIC... Read more

Sail & Sing Cruise 2019

Sail & Sing Christian Cruise September 22 – October 3, 2019   Ryan Bomgardner (ventriloquist) has invited Nelson & Sarah Coblentz and Dave & Ruth Ann Miller to be a part of the Sail & Sing Cruise September 22 – October 3, 2019. Credits are given to groups by having people register/signup under their group. The credits that the groups receive is what enables them to go on the cruise. Join us on this spectacular 12 day trip as we visit some of the well known landmarks in the world, retrace the steps of Paul’s incredible missionary journeys, and... Read more


A huge thank you to all the children and sponsors. The hunger for the printed Word is enormous in third world countries. During the January seminar in Uganda, we gave seven Bibles each to 50 bishops/pastors and then gave one Bible each to the additional 250 attendees. You cannot imagine how desperate they were to receive their very own Bible in their language. Over 100 children have read approximately 161,000 pages. 245 sponsors have contributed over $35,000 which will all be invested directly into the printed Word…PTL! The top three readers combined have raised $9,531. The cost for each... Read more